Our signature award-winning methodology

Our passion for understanding audiences and the patient journey is epitomised by our existing award-winning methodology LIVE.

LIVE is the Bedrock group’s signature programme and through experience, we have built a solid reputation for delivering excellent outcomes. Quality insights into how people manage and live with their illness remain both vitally important and yet elusive.

Our innovative and adaptable patient ethnography technique has been specifically developed to address this need within the healthcare market. LIVE combines clinical collaboration, individual patient perspectives and expert interpretation. It has been proven to provide unmatched immersion and insight into the lives of patients, their journeys and their disease management experiences. LIVE is much more than a video diary; ultimately it drives targeted and effective communication programmes.

At the Bedrock group we were pioneering in our vision to adapt and apply video ethnography principles and techniques to understand how healthcare practitioners rationalise their prescribing decisions. Gaining this understanding had major implications for our clients’ brand strategy development and led to the creation of tailored communications aimed at improving healthcare for patients with various conditions.

HaemophiliaLIVE was the first ethnographic study in the world to investigate the lives of haemophiliacs. Sixteen families across the UK took part in the programme with participants ranging in age from young children to middle-aged men. They all gave frank and open testimony about living with haemophilia today; for some this included the impact of blood borne viruses on them and their family as well as the impact of poor joint health related to limited access to treatment as a child. These insights have been shared at several international haemophilia meetings; without fail they cause healthcare professionals to stop and think about the impact beyond which we are normally aware. Pain, mobility, fear of the future – particularly for ageing men around orthopaedic surgery and elderly care were key insights elicited by HaemophiliaLIVE. The participants all commented how glad they felt that their stories were being heard and that they were able to make an impact on haemophilia care in the future.
— Consultant Nurse, Haemophilia